Academic Programs

MPhil English (Linguistics)

Introduction Rationale Courses Program summary

Core Courses

  • (ENG746) Research Methods in Linguistics
  • (ENG750) Writing on Linguistic Issues
  • (ENG-701) General Linguistics

Elective Courses

  • (ENG-715) Sociolinguistics
  • (ENG752) Linguistic Theories
  • (ENG756) Computational Linguistics
  • (ENG762) Corpus Linguistics
  • (ENG-717) Syntactic Theory
  • (ENG-765) Semantics & Pragmatics
  • (ENG764) Advanced Phonetics & Phonology
  • (ENG768) Research in Applied Linguistics
  • (ENG-760) Approaches to Language Acquisition
  • (ENG-709) Critical Discourse Analysis
  • (ENG-763) Language Pedagogy
  • (ENG776) Contact Linguistics and Multilingualism
  • (ENG-731) Translation Studies
  • (ENG-830) Adaptation Studies
  • (ENG-774) Philosophy of Language
  • (ENG-817) Applied Lexicology
  • (ENG-825) Advancement in Second Language Acquisition

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