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The Alkitaab Reading Club at the Department of English and Literary Studies (DELS) is conceived to provide a vibrant space for teachers, researchers, students, and scholars to gather and share their ideas and research. In fact, it aims to develop a de-hierarchized liminal space where participants take other participants as individuals irrespective of their academic qualification or professional position. Akita is a unique club that provides an opportunity to its members to read and discuss different books, to get reliable information, and to discover and share their ideas with others.

Team Members

  • Organizer: Department of English and Literary Studies
  • Executive Committee 
    • Dr Nadia Anwar
    • Mah e Nao 
  • Members
    • Fatima Aqeel 
  • Guest Speakers


Alkitaab is a welcoming Reading Club which aims to bring together an exclusive group of brainy and enthusiastic readers and writers to connect and build a social network of people who have the same aims and goals.
The Club’s mission is to foster learning and love for reading.


  • To promote critical thinking, creativity, and self-expression
  • To disseminate knowledge
  • To develop the habit of reading and learning by engaging with different cultures, literatures, and socio-political realities
  • To ensure mental wellbeing
  • To promote social interactions, empathy, and tolerance


  • Meetings will be held once a month, preferably on the last weekend and will last for 3 hours
  • Book/s will be assigned for reading before the meeting
  • Most reading will be done at home. The mediator and other members will be asked to look for information about author as well as the social, historical and cultural background of the book.
  • The mediator will share his/her findings with other club members and initiate the discussion.
  • Special guests will be invited to share their views.


As per availability 


  • Coverage by Social Media Group
  • Programs on UMT TV Channel
  • Newspaper articles
  • MOUs with bookshops
  • Exchange of Books
  • Documentary/Movie/Theater
  • Hi Tea/Lunch/Dinner
  • Walled City Tours/ Recreational and educational trips
  • Other Scholarly Events including Seminar’s and Cultural Events
  • Training Sessions on Writing Skills, Story-telling etc.
  • Conferences & Workshops
  • Certificate Distribution for the Best Participant of the Year



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