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BS  in English Literature

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Year 1
Semester 1Semester 2
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. Hrs.CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Category
LR109 Introduction to Literary Studies 3 Subject-Specific LR101 History of English Literature (Anglo-Saxon to 18th Century Literature) 3 Subject-Specific
TDS104 Critical Thinking 3 General LR102 Introduction to Poetry 3 Subject-Specific
TDS128 Introduction to Linguistics 3 Subject-
POL102 Pakistan Studies 2 Compulsory (Cohort)
EN111 English Grammar and Comprehension 3 Compulsory (Cohort) PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (Dept. of Applied Psychology) 3 General
ISL101 Islamic Studies 2 Compulsory (Cohort) EN125 Composition and Communication 3 Compulsory (Cohort)
Elective A 3 Elective B 3
Total Cr Hrs 17 Total Cr Hrs 17
Year 2
Semester 3Semester 4
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. Hrs.CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Category
LR225 History of English Literature (19th Century to 21st Century Literature) 3 Subject-
LR210 English Novels From 16th to 18th Century 3 Subject-Specific
RM201 Research Methodology 3 General LR215 South Asian Literature 3 Subject-Specific
Synergy POL413 Islamic Political Systems (Dept. of Political Science and IR, SSS&H) 3 General LR211 Greek Tragedy 3 Subject-Specific
EN200 Communication and Technical Writing 3 Compulsory (Cohort) LR227 Basics of Literary Criticism 3 Subject-Specific
COM202 Computer Applications 3 Compulsory (Cohort) LR228 Research and Academic Writing 3 Subject-Specific
Community Service 0 40 Hours Community Service 0 40 Hours
Elective C 3 Elective D 3
Total Cr Hrs 18 Total Cr Hrs 18
Year 3
Semester 5Semester 6
Course Code Course TitleCr. Hrs.CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Category
LR321 Popular Fiction 3 Subject-
LR309 The Art Writing Poetry 3 Subject-Specific
LR318 Semantics and Pragmatics 3 Subject-
LR319 English Prose 3 Subject-Specific
LR322 Shakespearean Tragedies 3 Subject- Specific LR320 Pakistani Literature in English 3 Subject-Specific
Synergy LR331 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Centre of Languages, ILA) 3 General LR323 Text, Image and Screen Literature 3 Subject-Specific
SD100 English Immersion 1 0 Offered by DELS LR324 Shakespearean Comedies 3 Subject-Specific
Elective E 3 Elective F 3
SD101 21st Century Skills 0 UMT-Connected/HSM
Total Cr Hrs 15 Total Cr Hrs 18
Year 4
Semester 7Semester 8
Course CodeCourse TitleCr. Hrs.CategoryCourse CodeCourse TitleCr. Hrs.Category
LR407 Women and Literature 3 Subject-
LR401 Postcolonial Literature 3 Subject-Specific
LR413 Afro-American Literature 3 Subject-
LR222 Translation Studies 3 Subject-Specific
LR410 Methods and Approaches in English Language Teaching 3 Subject-
LR412 African Literature 3 Subject-Specific
LR417 Theatre Studies 3 Subject-
Specific Core
LR418 Fringe Literature 3 Subject-Specific
Elective G 3 Elective H 3
Total Cr Hrs 15 Total Cr Hrs 15
  1. The given courses in all the semesters may be replaced with courses from the list of electives given below, provided the required expertise is available in the department.
  2. The choice of general courses may also be determined by the availability of expertise in the institution.
LR103 American Short Stories 3
LR112 Romantic and Victorian Literature 3
LR106 20th Century English Novel 3
LR107 Metaphysical Poetry 3
LR224 American Literature 3
LR226 An Introduction to Mysticism 3
LR229 Eco Literature and Criticism 3
LR203 Literature of the Laureates 3
LR202 Reading Short Story: Form, Technique and Theory 3
LR221 Romantic Prose 3
LR216 Victorian Novels 3
TDS108 Life and Learning 3
LR325 Existentialism 3
LR312 English Novel from Scott to Hardy 3
LR311 English Novel from Defoe to Austen 3
LR303 Twentieth Century Authors: 1900-1945 3
LR308 Introduction to Creative Writing Non-Fiction 3
LR408 Renaissance Narratives 3
LR406 Myth and Fairy Tale 3
LR411 Visual Arts 3
LR416 Thematic Study of Myth and Symbolism 3
TDS116 Logical Reasoning 3
Synergy TBD Foreign Language II (Centre of Languages, ILA) 3
LR111 Comparative Literature 3
LR115 Renaissance and Classical Drama 3
LR209 Classical Poetry 3
LR230 Modern Literature 3
LR234 Introduction to Morphology 3
LR232 Postmodern Literature 3
LL201 Second Language Acquisition 3
Synergy PHL105 Introduction to Philosophy (Dept. of Sociology) 3
TDS107 Applied Ethics 3
LR301 Introduction to Novel: Form, Technique and Theory 3
LR303 Twentieth Century Authors: 1900-1945 3
LR326 Romantic and Victorian Poetry 3
LR327 South African Literature 3
LR328 Literary Theory and Practice 3
LR329 Social and Cultural History of the Subcontinent 3
TDS124 Challenges to Islam in the Modern World 3
Synergy Gender Identities (Dept. of Sociology) 3
LR330 Discourse Analysis 3
LR419 Comparative Religion (BA Liberal Arts) 3
LR409 FINAL PROJECT (Inclusion in all road maps) 3

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