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Literary Society

The Literary Society is a vibrant community of book lovers, writers and thinkers who come together to celebrate the beauty and diversity of literature. Within our vibrant community, we pay homage to the timeless classics, explore the nuances of contemporary poetry, delve into the realms of science fiction, and indulge in the emotions of romance. Our arms are wide open, welcoming all genres and styles of writing, for we believe that within each narrative lies a unique perspective waiting to be uncovered.

Join us to build a world where every voice is not only heard but cherished, where every story finds its place in the grand tapestry of human expression.

Debating Club

The CFL Debating Club stands as a vibrant community committed to fostering critical minds and inspiring discourse. We prioritize skill development through structured training sessions and mock debates, preparing participants for CFL competitions and emphasizing strategic thinking and effective communication. In the CFL Debating Club, we embrace diverse voices and perspectives, encouraging vibrant discussions that shape informed perspectives and decision-making. Debate, Discuss, Decide - CFL Debating Club


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