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English III: Research Paper Writing and Presentation

Course Description

Research Paper Writing and Presentation is a three-credit course that is designed to develop effective technical writing and presentation skills in the students, necessary for their professional careers. This course encompasses workplace communications alongside media writings; drafting a job cover letter, resume, short fictional reports for various purposes; developing effective advertisement writing techniques and writing a powerful product review. Additionally, the course prepares the students for proficient presentations and how to use visuals efficiently, and process error free documents. By attending this course, students will be able to write clear, persuasive and accessible technical documents for intended audiences.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs)
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
CLO1: To demonstrate effective communication strategies for social and professional settings.
CLO2: To cultivate powerful product review writing skills and effective advertisement writing
CLO3: To comprehend and apply latest AI apps to kick start and upgrade their creative writing
CLO4: To comprehend various forms of text to extract the information, write the review and
develop a critique of it.
CLO5: To analyze different documentaries, TED talks and speeches to enhance listening skills
and critical thinking.
CLO6: To apply seven Cs’ of effective communication while delivering ideas in writing, such as
argumentative essays, Job cover letter, resume, email, report writing; and oral presentations.


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Madam Sobia Ilyas

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Ms. Nabila Younas
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