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English 2: Expository Writing



Expository Writing is a sequential undergraduate course aimed at refining writing skills in various contexts. Building upon the foundation of the pre-requisite course, Functional English, this course will enhance students’ abilities of producing clear, concise and coherent written texts in English. The course will also enable students to dissect intricate ideas, to amalgamate information and to express their views and opinions through well-organized essays. Additionally, the course will highlight the significance of critical thinking enabling students to produce original and engaging written texts.

Course Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
1. Understand the essentials of the writing process integrating pre-writing, drafting, editing and
proof reading to produce well-structured essays.
2. Demonstrate mastery of diverse expository types to address different purposes and audiences.
3. Fostering their social and speaking skills via presentations, role-play, group work, and peer
4. Communicate their own ideas clearly by applying their knowledge of grammar.
5. To develop listening skills in order to comprehend spoken language.
6. To be able to comprehend the text by using reading comprehension strategies.


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Head CFL

Madam Sobia Ilyas

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Ms. Nabila Younas
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